General Hardware

We carry a fully array of general hardware supplies.

Here is a selection of what we carry: Bernzomatic torches and fuels, Bicycle tire tubes, Pro-Lift floor and bottle jacks, hose clamps, muffler clamps, ratcheting tie downs, cut-off wheels, gas, diesel, and kerosene cans, funnels, Erickson Power Pull bungee cords, mailboxes, bulk chains sold by the foot, flags, drive belts, pulleys, rope, oil filter wrenches, reciprocating saw blade, handsaws, Diablo Dewalt and Century Drill and Tool circular saw blades.

Briggs and Stratton engine parts and accessories. Texton sockets and ratchets, hex-bit sets, drill bits, tape measures, small engines, Dap caulks and sealants, Gorilla glue and tapes, roof cement, Minwax stains and varnishes, Old Master’s stains and varnishes, Rustoleum paints and enamels, paint brushes and rollers.

Loctite glue, E6000 glue, Elmer’s glue, electrical tape, Finishline and 3M sandpapers, bulk wire by the foot, pre-packaged wire, electrical outlets and wall plates, light switches and wall plates, circuit breakers, extension cords, lightbulbs, nuts, bolts, washers, hook eyes, turnbuckles, door knobs, door stops,  padlocks, nails, wood screws, screws and much more. 

Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing accessories, Plumbing tools, solder and soldering irons and supplies, PVC pipe and fittings, Metal pipe and fittings.

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